The "Old Course" Difference!

We are often asked “What's the story behind the name, Old Course Investment is such a different name?” Our answer; a “different” kind of financial services firm deserves a “different” kind of name! For starters, we have some golfers in the group that wanted to pay homage to the home of golf, “The Old Course” at St. Andrews where golf was first played 600 years ago.

More importantly, we saw a true need for the creation of a local independent financial services firm that placed an intense focus on client service and got back to the “old way” of doing business. A way in which a human-being always picked up the phone during business hours, our doors would be always open to come in the branch, and every single staff member cherished the fact that we were there to serve our clients.

We founded this firm with the sole focus of getting back to the basics of helping clients pursue their financial goals. That is the one and only mission of our firm. Unlike many financial services firms today that manufacture proprietary investment products, operate under the ownership of large banking institutions, and typically hold the interest of their shareholders as a top priority, our priority is the success of the individual investors we work with. To help investors realize that success, our team of independent financial advisors have access to a wide-open universe of investment tools, platforms and vehicles. This is the freedom that comes with being independent and also what we believe makes us stand out from the rest.