Protect Your Future with Long-Term Care Insurance

As we age, most of us are aware of the importance of planning for retirement and making appropriate estate arrangements. However, many of us postpone planning for other financial needs. At some point, however, we may become incapable of living independently and require long-term care (LTC). Although it is difficult to consider, it is quite likely that you or someone you love will eventually need physical or medical assistance. Unless funding long-term care is incorporated into your financial strategies, you may need to find alternative ways to obtain care and pay for medical bills.

Should you come to need daily assistance, long-term care (LTC) insurance can help cover the expenses of a nursing home, assisted living facility, or even home health care. Policies vary, but in general, they provide a daily, set amount of coverage that can be used in a number of ways. You may find this allows you to remain independent and also increases your options for care. Protect your future, and that of your family, and prepare for the possibility of LTC with insurance.



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